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Friday, October 01, 2004

Mary Tener

This is a photograph of Mary Tener, one daughter - the second child, of Hampden and Eliza Frost Tener. Mary was born April 29, 1867 at their family home - Allan House. Mary was one of five children born in Allen House
After the retirement of John Kinley tener I - Hampden's father, Hampden moved his family to Moree House - which included about 38 of about 169 acres. Allen House was then sold. Six of Mary's brother's and sisters were born in Moree House.
At one point Mary's grandmother, Eliza Wallis Frost, "..regretting the loss of her daughter Eliza Frost who had married Hampden I, asked that her oldest grandaughter be sent to live with her. This was not an unusual lcustom at that time. Mary went to live in Nottingham, England - although she visited Moree regularily during summer months. These summer visits took on a true holiday aspect for the children and they vacationed several times on the Isle of Man, and the Gianst Causeway on the coast of Northern Ireland.
About 1882 Moree was sold and the family moved to Stoke Dry, England, where they had and operated a farm for about two years. At this time Mary came to live with the family, and her sister went to Nottingham to live with her grandmother - Eliza Wallis Frost Bell.
In 1884 Hampden I immigrated to America with his family - except for Mary. Mary moved back in with her grandmother, and did not immigrate until 1888. In 1888 MAry persuaded her grandmother to allow her to accompany Mr. George King to America and, after promising to return to England, Mary joined her family in Pittsburgh, PA. After a summer in Pittsburgh, Mary and her mother Eliza returned to Nottingham where they stayed for a year.
In 1889, MAry and her mother Eliza returned to America, where they remained.
In 1894, at the age of about 27 years, Mary married Hubert Charles Tener - her first cousin. They would have six children and live in Swissvale - in or adjacent to Pittsburgh.
The photograph below was shared by Mary's great granddaughter - Karen.