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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hugh Tener & Matilda Erbe

Hampden wrote:
“Can we learn anything further about these two?
Where did Hugh Tener settle in Ireland? (written in an answer – Castlecaulfield.
What are the antecedents of Matilda Erbe?

“The crest used on the Tener silver and the Moree harness is credited by Burke and others to the Tanner of Cornwall and Devon. If this is the case, who changed the name?

“Lee Tener of Brooklyn thinks much could be learned from the Church records in Castlecaulfield. He also suggests that someone should have a talk with Mrs. Edw. Archer (Emily Tener), 81 Antrim Road, Belfast – a grand daughter of Richard tener of Castlecaulfield. Mrs. Archer is well over 80. She might also help with the Kinley line – sice her grandfather’s brother Robert ‘Robin’ Tener married a Sarah Kinley.

“A guess is that the Tener’s or Tanners first came to Ireland either during the Ulster Plantation in 1610, or with soldiers of William III – victor of Boyne I n 1690. For authentic word on this it would seem necessary for someone to search the records in Ireland. The crest, while interesting, is at best only a clue.

"In the published genealogy of Tanner Family of Rhose Island andUtah, it is stated that the Tannersof Cornwall and Devon are the ancestors of all the Tanners in America and Ireland. But we have yet to establish any connection between the Tener’s of Tyrone and the Tanners of Cornwall and Devon.”

The above is part of Hampden Evans Tener papers / letters – possibly part of an exchange between he and Roberta Tener Johns. I amguessing that this was written in the late 1930's or early 1940's --- SO I'll ask if anyone knows about Emily Tener Archer of Belfast - please e-mail me!

So the question in 2012: Does anyone have any documenbtation to add to the mystery? Beside what is in the Tener bluer book - do we know anything about Matilda Erbe and her family line?