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Friday, June 29, 2007

Robert 'Robin' Tener

This will be an update to a 2004 posting on Robert.

I am guessing that back in 2004 I located a notice on line that Robert, who came to America in 1834, died in 1855 and was buried in Monument Cemetery, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Further research at about that time told us that sometime between 1949 and 1955 - or so, the City of Philadelphia took over the grounds of this cemetery, and directed that those remains buried there needed to be moved. (NOTE: Monument Cemetery was acated by court decree in 1951. I am told that that area is unsavory....) They were moved out of town to the Lawnview Cemetery in Rockridge, PA on June 25, 1956.

I subsequently received reply to a letter that indeed there are Tener remains there - with a marker. We cannot travel everywhere, and it has taken this long to get some assistance in obtaining a photograph of the burial location - shared here with those interested in Tener family.

The communication from Lawnview Cemetery told me that they were buried on the Susquehanna Lawn Section 75; graves 58 and 59.

In grave 58 are the remains of Thomas Tener - son, Hugh W. Tener - son and John O. Galbraith - 3 day old grandson.

In grave 59 are the remains of James Tener - son, Robert 'Robin' Tener, Robert - son, wife Sarah Tener, and daughter Matilda Tener.

Entrance to Lawnview Cemetery

Entrance Sign

Susquehanna Lawn area

Tener Grave/Plot Markers