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Friday, August 19, 2005

On Sharing Information

I continue to be amazed at the amount of materials that are available within the family about the family. Since I began my effort at learning more about the Tener's of Tyrone I have come across some wonderful and helplful people, and people willing to share pieces of family history with me.

I have just finished reading again one letter that points out that that same philosophy has been around for at least some 70 years! I am sharing that letter below.

September 9, 1935

Dear Hampden: (I believe that this is Hampden E. Tener Jr. who was compiling materials for the Tener Blue Book at that time.)

At length I am returning to you by X'press the two volumes, handed me by Alan, comprising the record by G. Anjou of the Tener Ancestry. In reading this record that fact is impressed upon one that when these professional researchers set out to dig up information they dig deep and long. In view of the many violent political shifts in France, the bloody events, including the great revolution, the Reformation, including with the scattering of the Huguenots, it is astounding to me to learn that such records of vital statistics are still intact and accessible. The French ancestry of the Tener's has now been extablished beyond any doubt and this, by the way, does not sit well with some members of my family who have no love for the "Franks" all much, however, may draw consolation from the fact that theinfiltration of French blood ceased with the marriage of Thomas Tenere and Johanna Sommers in 1693. In the interest of accuracy may I point out some errors - not important and easily corrected - Vol. I, second page of the summary: George Evans Tener (my father) died in 1873. John Kinley Tener emigrated to Pittsburgh in 1873, not 1872 and became governor of Penna in 1911 not 1910. Vol II. page 248. In the record of my parents' family, the name of my brother Robert is omitted. He was born in 1860 hense his name should appear between Frank and Wallis. Robert married Catherine Slattery, who is still living, Robert died May 9, 1913 and is buried in Allegheny cemetery, Pittsburgh. Vol. II, page 249.- My daughter, Emilie, married Clifford Hood, not Wood.

I thank you for sending this "Anjou". I read every bit of the Engl;ish in the 253 pages - The French I had to accept on faith.

Affectionally, (signed by Stephen W. Tener) "Typed by S.W.T."

The date of this letter suggests to us that a lot of effort and energy went into the continuing tresearch among the Tener's prior to the publishing of Hampden's book, "Tener: A History of the Family...."

I am still seeking to learn if anyone knows where there may be located one of the 'few' known copies of the two volumns if Anjou research.