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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Seeking Help ! ! ! !

I have been doing Tener Family genealogical research for over 6 years (as of July 2007) - not long in the scheme of things: but a commitment nevertheless.

I saw references to Isaac William Tener's handwritten family history, dated about 1898, and after years, was able to locate it! (Thank you to family members' extreme generosity!)

And now I am in search of yet additional historical papers - which I am fairly certain are languishing in file cabinets - SOMEPLACE! And, I am asking for your help.....

In letters seen from Hampden E. Tener - the fellow behind the blue family history book, and in letters circulated in the 1930's, there is reference to the "COPIES" of genealogical research that Uncle HET paid to have done. At one point I am pretty certain they were in the possession of Frances "Frank" Tener - author of the "TENER'S OF TYRONE" the green leather bound book; and either the same copy, or another, was in the possession of Stephen W. Tener.

Some time ago now I went to Newark New Jersey and viewed the probate file of Uncle HET - only to discover that there was no mention of these records! Since the blue books, published in 1949, tells us that the original papers were in the custody of HET's brother Wilfred - I also checked his probate file - from 1954 (five years after his brother). Again - a dead end - no mention of these two volumes of historical papers. Some of the papers I have read tells us that there are over 250 pages of material.

I have to believe that there are still copies of this material available, so I am resaching out to readers of this Tener Family web site to make an inquiry - do you have a copy?

ANY information in this regard will be greatly appreciated!